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Surgical Instrument Repair

Have surgical instruments that are worn down or broken? Instead of replacing expensive instruments, let POSS Medical save you money by repairing them! We offer complete surgical instrument repairs including replacement of worn, missing or broken parts; sharpening, alignment and adjustments.

Surgical Instrument FAQs

How do I get my repairs to you?

There are two ways POSS Medical can receive your repairs:

  1. A POSS Medical employee or your sales representative will pick up your instruments from your facility.
  2. Ship us your surgical instruments. Be sure to wrap them well and use as much packing material possible to guarantee safe transport. We recommend that you use a shipping service that allows you to track your package such as UPS, FedEx, or the U.S. Postal Service.

What type of instruments can you have repaired?

Instruments that we can have repaired include but are not limited to general surgical instruments such as scissors, forceps, and needle holders; laparscopic instruments; arthroscopes; endoscopes; and power equipment.


How long will it take for my instruments to be repaired?

Once we receive your instruments, our repair turn-around time is 5-10 days depending on the nature of the work required to complete the repairs. If a longer period of time is estimated, we will inform you.


How will I know the cost of the repairs?

When we receive your instruments that are in need of repairs, POSS Medical will ship them to highly skilled technicians that specialize in repairing surgical instruments and equipment. Once an assessment is done we will inform you about the repairs required and provide you with a quotation. POSS Medical will never perform or charge you for repairs without your approval.


How will my instruments be shipped back?

Your order will be shipped back via FedEx Ground or UPS unless specified differently.


What if an instrument is unable to be repaired?

We will notify you of the instrument that is unable to be repaired and return them to you clearly labeled “non-repairable.”


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