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Our Gowns & Drapes

As a small company, we are able to work closely with our customers and understand their needs. In doing so, 20 years ago, we saw a void in the market when one of our customers could not find a surgical gown that fulfilled their specific needs.

This all started the process of POSS manufacturing our own custom surgical gowns and drapes. It was a yearlong process testing materials, working with the manufacturer to adjust specifications, and testing samples for final approval. In the end, these gowns and drapes are a staple product of POSS and has set us apart from competitors.

Since then, we have been a trusted, reliable source for surgical gowns to customers throughout the US, even through the hard times of the pandemic. We have progressed, and grown and now serve over 200 local businesses, Federal and State government agencies, Veteran Administration Medical Centers, major hospitals, and Universities. As we continue to increase our product lines and customer base, our missions and goals will remain the same.

Why Our Gowns?

  • AAMI Level 3 & 4 available
  • Surgical SMS material
  • Fully reinforced, including sleeves
  • Can be customized to meet customers’ needs
  • Fully stocked & available
  • Steady, contract pricing for a year


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